Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | WAR & PEACE IN ISLAMIC TRAD
N307 | 12169 | Afsaruddin

War and peace are universal themes which Muslim scholars took great
interest in. This class will focus on how war and peace were dealt
with as religious, ethical, legal, and social issues within the
diverse Islamic tradition. The term jihad and its derivatives as well
as the concept of martyrdom have a great bearing on the
of war and peace in Islam. Accordingly, class readings and discussion
will focus on how jihad and related concepts are treated in the
Qur'an, hadith and hortatory literature, legal and mystical texts,
both from the premodern and modern periods. Juridical
conceptualizations of jihad as legitimate warfare will be compared to
Western Christian constructions of just war and the commonalities
between these two concepts will be explored.

12169          01:00P-02:15P   TR     BH 011
Afsaruddin A                  25   14    0
TOPIC : War and Peace in the Islamic Tradition
Above class P - At least Sophomore standing
Above class open to undergraduates only
Above class is part of the College War and Peace
Above class meets with NELC-N 695