Optometry | External Clinics
V256 | TBA | --

(3 cr.)P: V121 and a
grade C- or above in V131, V151, V153, and V251.
Practical application of clinical skills by assisting clinicians
and consultants in the external clinics.

All students are required to spend 135 contact hours at one of the
following external clinic locations for V256 External Clinics. All
prerequisites for V256 must be met before beginning the clinic
rotation. V256 may be scheduled as early as the summer following the
completion of the first year of the program. Transportation and other
related expenses are the responsibility of the student. These clinics
offer the student an exceptional opportunity to work with a more
diverse patient population. This complements the experiences gained at
the other clinic locations for V254 Clinic Practicum 1 and V255 Clinic
Practicum 2 (Atwater Eye Care Center, Community Eye Care Center,
Contact Lens Clinic and the Atwater Clinic Supply Room).
Indianapolis Eye Care Center (IECC) is located near Indiana
University/Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). It is the
traditional site for V256 External Clinics due to proximity to
Bloomington. However, it is possible to request the Mexico Clinic in
lieu of IECC. Because of scheduling conflicts with other classes, the
best time to complete the Mexico clinic rotation would be in the
summer between the first and second year of the program, the spring
semester of the second year, or the summer after completing all the
other courses in the program.

Indianapolis Eye Care Center: The estimated cost is gas expense for
travel to and from Indianapolis approximately 15 times. Students are
generally assigned in pairs, so that cost is usually shared with
another student. This rotation may be completed in the summer, fall or
spring semesters, depending on other courses taken and on clinic
rotation availability.

Guanajuato, Mexico Clinic: The estimated cost is approximately
$1,000.00 for about a 4 week period of time. This would include
airfare, housing, food, and cab fare. Spending money would is not
included in this estimate. Spanish classes may be taken at a local
school (to learn the language, but not for college credit) and they
run approximately $26.00 a week. In the near future, it may also be
possible to obtain the V210 Fabrication Practicum I experience (V210 =
126 contact hours).