Political and Civil Engagement | Issues in PACE: The Common Good
C300 | ALL | Bucur

The Common Good: Lessons from History
This course counts toward the PACE certificate, http://pace.indiana.edu.

What is the common good?  How have people over time attempted to
construct ideas, institutions, actions, or objects that embody various
definitions of the common good?  How successful have these attempts

Divided into four sections (ideas, institutions, objects, deeds), the
course examines two case studies (drawn from European history) in each
section to enable students to develop a comparative understanding of
how varied attempts at creating the common good have fared over time
and might fare differently in our contemporary world.

Students will be asked to keep a journal; engage in classroom
discussion of primary sources; participate in debates; and develop a
final project that could take the form of a paper, another
analytical/creative project (e.g., website), or a community action