Political Science | Introduction to American Politics
Y103 | 5789 | Barbour

Since we canít escape from politics in our lives, we might as well
learn to appreciate and enjoy them.  In this class we explore
American politics: its rules (the Constitution), its institutions
(the Presidency, Congress, the courts, and the bureaucracy), its
participants (individual voters, parties, interests groups, and the
media) and its product (social, economic and foreign policy).  We
not only cover the facts of American politics, we also focus on
becoming informed critics and intelligent consumers of the daily
barrage of news from the media.  With a major presidential election
going on, we will have a much heavier focus than usual on current

This course has two lectures a week and a discussion section.
Grades will be based on four exams and in class exercises. Optional
feature-length movies are shown at night for extra credit.  Readings
average 50 pages of textbook per week, and a current events articles
found online.  This course is designed for non-majors, beginning
majors, and people considering becoming political science majors.