Political Science | West European Politics
Y335 | 5797 | Hellwig

This is an introductory course to West European politics. It has three
general objectives: 1) to introduce students to the institutions and
actors which have shaped political development in Europe since World
War II, 2) to provide context to help students better understand
current events in European politics and society, and 3) to use Europe
as a setting for applying concepts of comparative political analysis
and, within this, to place politics in the United States in context.
Topics include constitutional designs, political institutions,
political parties, elections and voting behavior, public opinion, and
public policy and the welfare state. While particular attention will
be devoted to politics in Britain, France, and Germany, comparisons
will be drawn to other European democracies and to the United States.
Student evaluation will be based on in-class exams, short paper
assignments, and participation in class discussions.