Political Science | Comparative Politics: Approaches and Issues
Y557 | 32034 | Kasza

This is the core graduate survey course in comparative politics.  It
is an essential part of preparation for students planning to take
the PhD qualifying examination in the subfield.

The principal subjects covered are different approaches to the
empirical study of comparative politics.  An "approach" is a
decision as to what constitutes the basic units of analysis in the
polity (e.g., groups, or classes, or processes of change), which
then form the building blocks of theory.  Many of the readings are
about approaches; others exemplify them.  The course will review a
broad range of approaches, not only those that happen to be hot at
the moment.  The goal is general familiarity, not in-depth knowledge
of a few modes of analysis.

In addition to the study of approaches, the course will address
topics such as methodological debates in the subfield, the
relationship between area studies and comparative politics, the
range of major journals, how to write for publication, and hiring