Slavic Languages and Literatures | Intermediate Russian
R201 | ALL | --

PREREQUISITE:    C or better in R102 or equivalent.

This course builds on studentsí previous knowledge of basic Russian
grammar, including cases, tense, aspect, reflexivity, and modality. We
will expand our vocabulary and grammar so that to be able to use the
Russian language in a variety of social contexts, such as introducing
self, ordering a meal, asking and giving directions, making purchases,
talking about fashion, writing short notices and browsing the
Internet. We will work with an exciting range of authentic materials,
participate in role-playing, write and perform skits, read from
literature and the current press, and watch videos and films. At the
end of the semester you will be able to handle a good number of social
situations and express your opinions in Russian. In addition, you will
also sing a few popular Russian songs and retell a couple of jokes. In
combination with SLAV-R-202, this course prepares students to satisfy
the language competency requirement.