Social Work | Selected Topics in Social Work: Contemporary Issues in Domestic Violence
S300 | 29318 | Wood

This course will explore contemporary issues related to domestic
violence, also known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).  Students
will review the history of the movement to end domestic violence.
Theories of the cause of domestic violence will be surveyed along with
local, state, federal and international public policy issues.
Prevention and intervention models relevant to social work and other
helping professions will be explored, as well as community level
practice and contemporary research issues.

In addition, students will examine the co-occurrence of domestic
violence and racism, homophobia and other forms of oppression to
explore the impact on survivors who are part of other at-risk groups.
The relationship between poverty and domestic violence will be an area
of focus. Theoretical and practical approaches to advocacy, including
empowerment based interventions, will be presented and applied to
select case scenarios. The criminal justice response to survivors and
batterers will be surveyed. The course will analyze research related
to the impact of violence on the lives of survivors and their children
and how that affects psycho-social development across the lifespan.

Social workers and other helping professionals regularly interact with
survivors of domestic violence and child witnesses in a variety of
practice settings. This course will provide an overview of
contemporary issues in domestic violence. It is designed to empower
future advocates in the social work profession and beyond with
conceptual frameworks and knowledge base for effective intervention.