Telecommunications | Honors Seminar in Media & Society
S451 | 12451 | Weaver, A

TOPIC: The Appeal of Entertainment Media

Entertainment is a bigger part of our lives today that it has been
for humans at any point in our recorded history.  The average
American now spends more time consuming entertainment media than
doing any other activity besides breathing.  In this course we will
examine this extraordinary hold that media entertainment has on our
lives.  What is it that gives media entertainment the power to make
us laugh or cry?  Why do we occasionally seek negative emotional
reactions (fear, disgust, sadness) from our entertainment choices?
In an increasingly crowded media world, how do individuals decide
what media products to consume?  Is it possible to become addicted
to certain forms of media?  How could entertainment media serve us
better?  We will attempt to shed some light on these issues using
theories and research from a variety of fields including psychology,
sociology, and communication studies.

4:00pm - 5:15pm MW