Telecommunications | Intro to Media & Society
T205 | 6220 | Grabe, M

This course will involve you in the study of media as
social institutions that:
(1) shape us (e.g., our taste, behavior, opinions, etc.); and
(2) are shaped by social forces (economics, government,

At an average, we spend 12-13 hours per day using media--there is
nothing else we do more of. The goal of this class is to deepen your
understanding of the complicated relationship between media, people,
and societal institutions.  I also hope that you will leave
this class as a more savvy media consumer.

You will be required to read, write short papers, take exams, think,
and use media!

This course counts toward Social and Historical Studies distribution
requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. It may, or may
not, also count toward other degree requirements. For more
information about which requirements this course could fulfill see
the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin at If you
have questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.

Class meets 2:30pm-3:45pm TR