Telecommunications | Writing for Electronic Media
T211 | 6246 | Haywood Smith, L

Course Description as stated in the COAS Bulletin): Style, form,
and preparation of written materials for electronic media.

Course Objectives/Goals: Writing for Electronic Media provides an
introduction to basic media writing principles. Students will learn
to sharpen their grammar and composition skills, and discuss
selection and treatment of content for the media. The class will
discuss and practice formats used for radio, television, news,
sports and promotions. We will discuss and practice other forms of
media writing, such as copywriting for the advertising industry and
public relations writing.  By the end of the semester, you should be
able to create professional copy in the proper media format.

Course Format:  Interactive in class and through assignments. T211
is both lecture and discussion.

Grading Procedure: TBA---There will be several types of assignments
ranging from creative writing assignments to evaluating media
writing that you see on a daily basis. Active participation and daily
preparation are required.

Required Text:

Meeske, Milan D., Copywriting for the Electronic Media: A Practical
Approach, Sixth Edition. Belmont: Wadsworth/Thomson.

Requirements fulfilled by this course:  TEL-T 211 may fulfill a
course requirement in the TEL Design and Production emphasis. This
course is a requirement in the HPER Sports Communication major.