Telecommunications | Script Writing
T331 | 9783 | Kelly, S

*Course Description
*T331 in an introductory script writing class. The class will focus
on story structure, characterization, theme, scene structure,
dialogue, and script formatting. Students write a treatment, an
outline, and a script and a revision, for an original story.

*Class is a combination of lectures, screenings, and writers
*Students will be organized into writing groups where group member
read one another's work and give written and verbal feedback to each
other's work throughout the semester.

*The class requires all of us to be committed to the writing
process, to giving and receiving notes, and to making deadlines. The
expectation is high that all of you will give your maximum creative
energies toward making the best possible work environment and toward
writing the best possible scripts.

*Content Warning
*Please be advised that as a popular cultural art form films and
television depict life in ways that can be offensive to some. We
will watch film and television content that often carries a rating
of R which means there may be graphic representations of sexuality
and violence, representations of illegal drug use and illegal
activities, crude and offensive language, and content that
intentionally offends specific groups, such as religious groups,
racial groups, and groups identified by gender and sexual
orientation. Missing class due to an unwillingness to be exposed to
controversial content is not reason for an excused absence.

*To see which requirements, in the College of Arts and Sciences,
this course will fulfill consult the College Bulletin at  If you
have questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.