Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Media & Society
T451 | 29144 | Lang, A

TOPIC: Media Psychology

2:30pm - 3:45 MW

Media Psychology is a relatively new approach to studying
communication in all media from air and light to paper to wires to
the electro magnetic spectrum and beyond. Unlike traditional effects
approaches to communication which tend to focus on specific media
and what they “do” to people, media psychology puts humans first. We
start by defining communication as evolved, embedded, extended
brains communicating with other brains and brain-like entities.
Brain-like entities include anything with a body envelope which can
change its appearance and exhibits apparently animate activity  –
this can include a variety of mediated and media creatures and
characters such as avatars, androids, the hero of a book, or the
villain in a movie.  Media are redefined in terms of their
psychologically relevant features and we seek to understand the
dynamics of brain to brain-like interaction.

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