Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Telecommunications Processes & Effects
T602 | 12791 | Grabe, M

TOPIC: Visual Communication

This graduate seminar is designed for conceptual traveling across
academic disciplines and epic time span. To give you a sense of this
journey, here are a few pit stops along the way:

      We will look back at the natural history of the eye, the late
emergence of Homo sapiens, and our recent adaptations for speech and

      We will draw from neuroscience insights on how the human
brain is wired for visual and verbal information processing.

      We will examine accounts of cultural history in search of
explanations for how (and why) the written word has become revered
and images disparaged as sources of serious information.
For sure, at the center of this seminar is reading, thinking, and
talking about mediated images, why they are important to study, and
the pains and pleasures of doing that.  Thus, the bottom line goals
are to (a) secure a theoretical foundation for graduate-level
thinking about media images, and (b) muse on potential future
research in this field.