Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Strategies In Apparel Promotion
H309 | 0516 | Shaffer

Meeting Day and Time M, W 9:30-10:45

Course Description and Content

This course presents the application of design elements and
principles to the development of creative visual merchandising
techniques.  Also included is the study of merchandise
presentation techniques for in-store development of planned
sales goals and promotional techniques used in stores.

Required Texts and Readings

No required text.  Class notes are used for teaching principles
and the extensive use of projects is used to develop the student's

Outline Course Requirements

Students plan and build projects related to course lectures.
Students also will participate in field trips and project work in
community stores.  A portfolio will be prepared exhibiting all
project work.

Other Comments

Supplies necessary for the course include some art supply tools
in addition to foam core and other supplies chosen by students
to complete projects.