Anthropology | Undergraduate Sem: The Jewish Family
E400 | 0470 | Bahloul


This course consists in the study and discussion of one of the most
central institutions in Jewish culture and society.  It will give students
a chance to investigate the family in the Jewish religion, but also in
different historical and cultural contexts.  Discussions will cover such
issues as the role of the family in defining Jewish identity in modern
times, the gender structure of the Jewish family today, the marriage
process, the family's role in religious life and in collective memory, and
Jewish education within the family.


1. For undergraduate students
- one mid-term examination (25%)
- one mid-term research paper (10-15 pages, 35%)
- one final examination (30%)
- class attendance and participation (10%)

2. For graduate students
- one mid-term examination (30%)
- one mid-term research paper (15 pages min., 40%)
- two oral presentations (30%)


Hyman, P., and Cohen, S.M., The Jewish Family: Myths and Reality,
Holmes & Meier, 1986
Kraemer, David, (ed.) The Jewish Family: Metaphor and Memory,
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Mayer, Egon, Love and Tradition: Marriage Between Jews and Christians,
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