Anthropology | Faunal Osteology
P425 | 0497 | Adams

This is to give the student an introduction to the study and
interpretation of animal bones and fragments either from archaeological
sources, forensic cases, or general public curiosity.  The 5 credit course
will consist of lectures and/or reading assignments; laboratory
preparation and cleaning of animal skeletons; preservation, restoration,
and numbering of specimens; studying and learning to identify many
different animal skeletons; study of forensic materials; and the
identification and interpretaion of unidentified bones from archaeological
contexts.  It will meet from 9:00 to 12:00 on MWF although students are
strongly urged to allocate some other hours for work in the Lab.

`Exams' will consist of several short tests during the semester, usually
consisting of T & F or fill in the blank questions.  I am interested in
checking to see whether you are getting the material--not just as a grade!
At the option of the class there may or may not be a scheduled final exam.