Chemistry | Seminar: Inorganic Chemistry
C638 | 0976 | Christou

Prerequisite:  consent of instructor.

Topics not ordinarily covered by regularly scheduled courses, such as boron
Hydrides, X-ray diffraction, metal-metal bonds, bioinorganic chemistry, platinum
metals chemistry, inorganic photochemistry, etc.

Topic:  Characterization of Paramagnetic Molecules
Definitions of diamagnetism, paramagnetism, magnetization and magnetic
susceptibility; the Curie Law; orbital angular momentum; the Van Vleck
Equation; zero-field splitting; exchange interactions in dinuclear and
polynuclear metal clusters. Basic concepts of paramagnetic NMR; spin
delocalization mechanisms and isotropic shifts; contact and dipolar
contributions. EPR of transition metal complexes; g value anisotropy as
a function of coordination geometry.