Criminal Justice-coas | Introduction to Criminal Justice
P100 | 1461 | Chermak

This course provides an introduction to the criminal justice system.  We
discuss the primary components of the system (police, courts, corrections),
how decisions by each influence the others, and how effective the system is
at responding to crime.  This course provides the foundation for
understanding how the criminal justice system operates.  Issues covered
include the basic functions of each criminal justice component, police
behavior, undercover operations, plea bargaining, racial discrimination in
sentencing, and the death penalty.

Readings:	To be announced

Requirements:	Grades will be based upon 4 tests during the semester and
several writing assignments.

Class Meeting:	Two 50-minute lectures and one 50-minute discussion section
each week (TR, 12:20-1:10P, WH 100)

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS core requirement
Course Will Satisfy:	Social/Historical Studies (Social Inquiry
distribution requirement)

Instructor:	Professor Steve Chermak, Criminal Justice Department