Criminal Justice-coas | Psychology and the Law
P360 | 1530 | Levesque

This course examines intersections between criminal legal processes and
psychology.  The course is divided into three parts.  Part I examines the
place of psychology in the criminal justice system by focusing on the
judicial system's use of psychological evidence.  The purpose of this
section is to familiarize students with the nature of both psychology and
law as well as how they intersect.  Part II surveys the use of psychology
throughout the criminal justice system, ranging from investigation to
punishment.  Part III examines the psychology of "antisocial" behavior by
focusing on psychologists' role in fighting crime.  This part examines the
psychological development of offenders, the psychological impact of crime on
victims and the role of psychology in enacting criminal justice policies.

Grading:	Three Exams	300
		Class Attendance	up to 10 points over final grade
		Participation	up to 10 points over final grade
				NOTE: Class participation and attendance
points bring scores up to a; I reserve A+ scores for exceptional cases.

Readings:	To be announced.

Instructor:	Professor Roger Levesque, Criminal Justice Department