Criminal Justice-coas | Crime and Madness
P415 | 1533 | Luskin

Is there a relationship between mental illness and violence?  Are the
mentally ill being "criminalized?"  How should the law, the mental health
system, and communities respond to violent sexual offenders?  What happens
to people found "not guilty by reason of insanity?"  The U.S. has a long
history with those who can't or won't "get well," " Straighten up," or
otherwise conform.  This course focuses on the chronically mentally ill, how
the mental health and criminal justice systems deal with them, and their
movement back and forth between the streets, prisons, and psychiatric

Readings:	Include the following:
		Sheehan, S. "Is There No Place on Earth for Me?"
		Eggers, S. "Serial Killers:
				Steadman, H. "Beating a Rap: Defendants
found Incompetent to Stand Trial" (excerpted)
				Teplin, L. "Police as Streetcorner
Psychiatrists: Managing the Mentally Ill"

Requirements:	Students will be asked to complete short weekly assignments
and to write two short papers.  There will also be a final exam.  Questions
or the exam will be handed out in advance.

Class meeting:	One 150-minute seminar each week (T, 2:30-5:00P, SY009)

Class Will Satisfy:	CJUS major 400-level requirement
Instructor:	Professor Mary Lee Luskin, Criminal Justice Department