Criminal Justice-coas | Street Crime
P418 | 1534 | Pettiway

There continues to be a growing concern with the incidence and commission of
street crime in urban America.  To that end, this course explores
prostitution, robbery, rape, con games, alcohol associated offenses, drug
dealing, gambling and playing the numbers, selling stolen goods, auto theft,
and car jacking.  The course surveys each offense by considering its
and its participants.  The course directs particular emphasis to the context
of commission and the manner in which these offenses are executed.

Readings:	To be announced

Requirements:	Grades for this course will be based on class participation,
essay exams and term papers.  This course encourages an interaction between
the students and professor in order to meet student interests.

Class Meeting:	MW 9:30-10:45A, SY 006

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS major 400-level requirement

Instructor:	Professor Leon Pettiway, Criminal Justice Department