Criminal Justice-coas | Seminar in Corrections
P439 | 1536 | Oliver

The focus of this course is on prisoners and their experiences in prison.  A
major aspect of the course involves a comprehensive discussion of
"prisonization", that is, the various ways in which prisoners cope with
imprisonment.  A significant portion of class discussion will be devoted to
examining how gender, race, and pre-imprisonment experiences influence how
individuals cope with prison life.  Major topic areas include: the social
functions of prisons, racial variations in adapting to prison life, gender
and imprisonment styles, sex in prison, street gangs behind bars, prison
violence, and racial conflict among prisoners.

Readings:	To be announced.

Requirements:  Students final grade for the course will be based on
evaluation of the following:
1)  Research Paper       70%
2)  Classroom presentations/one-two page written assignments

Class Meeting:	One 150-minute seminar each week (W, 2:30-5:00P, SY 002)

Course Will Satisfy:     CJUS major 400-level requirement

Instructor:	Professor William Oliver, Criminal Justice Department