Criminal Justice-coas | Bad Boys: Doing Gender, Doing Crime
P493 | 1541 | Burke

This seminar is designed to acquaint students with the rapidly growing
literatures addressing men, masculinities and crime.  Following an overview
and critique of some of the popular approaches to theorizing men and
masculinity, discussion will turn toward the affect of these theoretical
shifts in analyzing, understanding and responding to males' engagement in
and experiences of crime and the criminal justice system.  Both the print
and visual media will be consulted to ground certain perspectives and assist
in critically engaging the course materials.  Particular attention will be
paid to locating the context within which particular models of masculinity
emerge, in addition to exploring the relationship between theory, practice
and gender politics.

Readings:	Connell, Robert W. (1995) "Masculinities" Berkeley, CA:
University of California Press.

				Messerschmidt, James (1993) "Masculinities
and Crime: Critique and Reconceptualization of Theory" Lanam, MD: rowan &

		TIS Course Reader

Evaluation:	Term Paper	40%
			Presentation	20%
			Media Assignment	20%
			Discussion Questions	10%
			Seminar Participation	10%

Instructor:	Professor Kathleen Burke, Criminal Justice Department