Classical Studies | Roman Culture
C102 | 0987 | Franklin

This course is an introduction to basic Roman attitudes and thought
patterns as they appear in the many aspects of Roman culture
politics, art, religion, government, education, law,
engineering, philosophy, private life, and public amusement--which are the
topic of this course.

Lectures provide background and a context for the first-hand
information about Roman culture provided in documents, works of
Literature, art, and architecture, and other archaeological
evidence.  In the process of becoming familiar with Roman
culture, students will also acquire an understanding of the
sources of some of our stereotypes and misconcepts about the
Romans and an appreciation of how Roman culture influenced
Western civilization.

There are three examinations, each covering 1/3 of the course
material, each counting as 1/3 of the student's course grade.


Boren, H.C., Roman Society: A Social Economic, and Cultural
Fitzgerald, R., Virgil: The Aeneid
Shelton, J., As the Romans Did