Classical Studies | Roman Art and Archaeology
C414 | 0998-0999 | Leach

In order to facilitate "hands-on" discussion through close individual
exposure to the objects and places studied, the class will meet in a
classroom equipped with individual computer terminals. Images used for
class as well as other, supplementary images will be available on a class
Web-site for individual inspection.

This course will study the contributions of the visual arts to defining
Roman cultural identity through an examination of major developmental
trends in architecture, sculpture and painting. Emphasis will be on the
interpretation of objects within their social and physical contexts.
Readings in Roman literary sources will be used as well as contemporary
books on the topics.

Written Work:

Undergraduate: Students will keep account of their viewing experiences and
coordinate them with readings in an on-going journal. From time to time,
approximately every three weeks, they will submit selected items from the
journal for grading and comment.

Graduate: In addition to their journal keeping, graduate students will
submit a research paper on a topic of their own choosing. Also each
graduate student will have the responsibility for preparing background
materials and leading discussion for a segment of one class session.

Everyone: midsemester and final examinations

Books to be ordered for purchase:
Claridge, Amanda Rome: An Oxford Archaeological Guide, Oxford Press
Kleiner, Diana, Roman Sculpture, Yale Press
Sear, Frank Roman Architecture, Cornell Press
Morgan, M.H. (trans.), Vitruvius: 10 Books on Architecture, Dover Press
Pollitt, J.J. The Art of Rome: 753 B.C.-A.D. 337: Sources and Documents,
Cambridge Press

Books for Optional Purchase:
Anderson, James, Roman Architecture and Roman Society, Hopkins Press
D'Ambra, Eve, Roman Art in Context: An Anthology, Prentice Hall, 1993		
Elsner, Jas' Imperial Rome and Christian Triumph, Oxford Press
Ling, Roger. Roman Painting, Cambridge Press