L536 | 1029 | Leach

The first semester of the survey course will present as broad and as full
a picture as time allows of Latin literary history from Livius Andronicus
through early Ovid within a cultural context. This will be a discussion
class with reading assignments in three categories: 1) Latin text passages
2)  extensive supplementary reading in translation 3) secondary readings
in literary history. Traditional aspects of literary history will be
considered, primarily through readings in the Cambridge History, but
discussion will also emphasize the construction of continuities in Roman
literature by considering literary history as an aspect of cultural
history.  In addition to all other assignments, students will be expected
to submit bi-weekly responses to their reading in the form of short papers
on assigned topics.

Recommended purchases selected from:

Cambridge History of Latin Literature in paperback fascicules
Penguin or Oxford Translations: Livy, Cicero's Letters; Cicero's
Rhetorical/Philosophical Work; Ovid's short poems; Sallust; Caesar's Civil
War; Suetonius; Horace
Oxford Classical Texts: Vergil; Horace; Propertius; Ovid; Cicero's
Cambridge Texts with Commentaries (Green and Yellow)
Vergil's Eclogues; Georgics; Horace's Epistles