Communication And Culture | Introduction to Media
C190 | 1127 | Hawkins

In our intensely visual culture, it has become increasingly important to
go beyond passive viewing, to become informed spectators aware of how
the media work.  This course is designed to teach students how to
recognize and analyze the artistic and technical components involved in

We will examine how films are made, studying cinematography, lighting,
production design, special effects, editing and music.  We will also
discuss different kinds of filmmaking traditions, including narrative,
avant-garde, and documentary.  Each week, in conjunction with our
topic, we will view films by some of the most important directors in film
history.  Throughout the course, we encourage the mastery of film
terminology--a first step toward visual literacy--as well as the ability
to analyze films closely, relating their style to their meaning.  C190
is designed for a wide range of student interests.  It should interest the
student who is intrigued by the cinema and simply wants to learn more
about it, as well as students who wish to emphasize the media in their
studies at IU,  or prepare for a career in filmmaking.

Assignments: There will be three exams, including the final, and a
series of "mini" papers (1-2 pages long).

Watch the modern sci-fi cult favorite, BLADE RUNNER,Orson Welles's
legendary CITIZEN KANE, French New Wave classic, BREATHLESS, Hitchcock's
REAR WINDOW, and George RomeroUs NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!   Plus films
by Chinese director Zhang Yimou (RAISE THE RED LANTERN), Vincente Minelli
Errol Morris (THIN BLUE LINE), Julie Dash (ILLUSIONS) and other great
directors in film history.  PLUS great episodes from television history,
experimental videos, and a look at new digital technologies.