Communication And Culture | Political Communication
C444 | 1171 | Terrill

In this course we will examine the way that communicative action has
effected social change in America.  How do metaphor, myth, identification,
sacrifice, scape-goating, and pleasure accomplish political work?  We
will discuss how individuals and groups deploy these concepts strategically to
accomplish social change, how audiences make use of them to interpret the
political messages they receive, and the ways that they may seem to be "at
large" in our culture, forming our political selves without our being aware
of their work.  The course will proceed primarily through the close
examination of exemplars of political communication, including:  public
speeches; film & TV; and social movements such as civil rights, historical and
contemporary feminism, and the New Right.  More information at:
Robert Terrill
Indiana University
(812) 855-0118