Communication And Culture | Studies in Contemporary Communication
C626 | 1180 | Mukherjee

Topic: Black Cultural Studies

This course enters an ongoing scholarly dialogue about the place of race
and race studies within the theoretical and political agenda of
contemporary cultural studies.  A generation of artists, activists, and
intellectuals has emerged to contribute a rich literature on "black
cultural studies" which explores the changing meanings of race and
ethnicity in societies of the African (and Asian) diasporas such as Britain
and the United States during the turbulent and volatile shifts of the
1980s. Addressing questions about representation, subcultures and
identities, displacement and difference, post-coloniality, globalization,
and postmodernity, this course offers the opportunity for critical readings
of a diverse assortment of texts, events, and experiences that have arisen
from these transformations.  Required texts include:  Kobena Mercer's
Welcome to the Jungle, Gina Dent's Black Popular Culture,  Paul Gilroy's
Black Atlantic, and others.

Roopali Mukherjee
Communication & Culture
Indiana University - Bloomington