Comparative Literature | Yiddish Literature and Culture in Translation
C300 | 1209 | Warnke

MWF	9:30-10:45	WH 109	
Above section meets second eight weeks only
(meets with Ger Y300 & Y500)
This course provides an introduction to East European Yiddish literature
and culture from 1860 to World War I focusing on the formative period of
modern Yiddish literature and the literary, linguistic, political and
cultural responses to the challenges of modernity.  Emphasis will be
placed on the representation of shtetl life, the social issues treated in
the literature and the milieu in which the writer is creating: Discussion
of individual texts will focus on the sensitivity of the author to
questions of social change: secular trends versus religious observance,
modernity versus traditional ways, roles of men and women, interrelation
between Jews and non-Jews.