Comparative Literature | C321 Medieval Literature
C321 | 1212 | Mcgerr

1:00-2:15    MW         BH 219

This course will introduce students to texts written in England, France,
Germany, Italy, and Spain during the twelfth through fifteenth centuries.
We will study representative works from a variety of medieval genres and
modes (epic, romance, lyric, drama, allegory, and satire); and we will
explore such issues as the emergence of vernacular literature in the
Middle Ages, construction of gender in medieval texts, the influence of
classical and Christian traditions on medieval texts, the relationship of
medieval literature to the visual arts, and the social forces that shaped
literature during this time.  Readings for the course will include the
Song of Roland, the Cid, Chretien de Troyes' Yvain, Marie de France's
Lais, a selection of Latin and vernacular lyric poems, Wolfram von
Eschenbach's Parzival, Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun's Romance of
the Rose, Dante's Divine Comedy, Chaucer's House of Fame, the Second
Shepherd's Play, and Everyman.

Students in C321 will take an hour test and final exam and write one
critical essay of six to eight pages.  Students in C523 will take the hour
test, submit an abstract for a research project, and complete the research
project (20-25 pp.).  At three points in the semester, the class will work
in small groups to explore issues in the reading.  The class will also
examine medieval manuscripts at the Lilly Library.