Comparative Literature | Chinese Literary Relations
C375 | 1215 | Eoyang

*Carries a Culture Studies & AHLA Credit*
Meets with C575
MW	9:30-10:45  	BH 331   	
This course will explore the historical, the textual, and the
philosophical relationships between China and the West, with particular
emphasis on the image of China in the West, and the influence of that
image on Western literature, particularly in the modern period.  The
cultural premisses in both Chinese and Western cultures, ancient and
modern, will be examined from a dialectic perspective.  The objective of
the course is to discover, whenever possible, how confrontation with
"alien" culture reflects a re-cognition of one's own culture.

Students will be required to submit individual exercises during the
course, in which they examine their own responses and reactions to the
material presented.  Undergraduates will be asked to submit a term paper
towards the end of the course; graduate students are required to prepare a
seminar paper, to be submitted in various stages (prospectus, draft, oral
presentation, final version).

Familiarity of Chinese is desirable but not required.