C501 | 1218 | Hoesterey

TR ll:l5 - l2:3O p.m.
BH 137

The course presents a survey of the most prominent theoretical paradigms
operative in contemporary literature studies today. It introduces graduate
students to the methodological debates on the nature of literary discourse
in the 2Oth century with emphasis on the practice of comparative
literature. We will first visit Russian Formalism and New Criticism since
the interaction of these approaches importantly defines the disciipline at
mid-century. It is before this backdrop of form-oriented criticism that
the subsequent paradigms have to be positioned as they modify and/or
challenge the afore-mentioned methods: structuralist narratology,
Bakhtin's dialogical criticism,  semiotics, psychanalytic and feminist
approaches, reception theory and reader response criticism,
poststructuralism and  deconstruction, ideological critiques such as those
by the  Frankfurt School, M. Foucault, New Historicism, and Cultural
Studies (including post-colonial criticism).

An attempt will be made to discuss "theory" in conjunction with examples
of its critical application. Throughout the course we will work on
literary and cultural terms; we conclude by  collaboratively establishing
a glossary of those terms and concepts derived from the various paradigms
that now form an integral part of a general critical vocabulary.

One lO-p. paper that applies one or more critical paradigms to a literary
text chosen by the student; a final examination (take-home) that consists
of essay questions relating to critical approaches and terms.

Required texts: Donald G. Marshall, +MDUL;Contemporary Critical
(MLA l993)
M.H. Abrams, +MDUL;A Glossary of Literary Terms+MDNM; (5th
or later ed.)
A custom-made reader, available at Collegiate
Copies at the beginning of the semester (possibly

C 5O1 is required for Comparative Literature M.A. and Ph.D. majors. C5O2
explores the various approaches which constitute the practice of
comparative literature at Indiana University. Faculty members will lecture
on their specialities. Required for majors, optional for Ph/D. minors.
C5O2 meets Thursdays at 4 - 4.5O p.m. in BH 018.