Comparative Literature | Teaching Methods in Comparative Literature
C507 | 1220 | McGerr

1:00-2:15	TR	WH 118
This course will examine the presuppositions, methods, and goals of
teaching literature in a comparative mode at the college level.  Topics we
will read about and discuss include cultural and interarts approaches to
teaching literature, teaching foreign language literatures in translation,
teaching literary theory to undergraduates, ethical issues, teaching
dossiers, and technological resources for teaching.  Practice developing
courses, assignments, tests, lectures, and discussion strategies.

Students will prepare four written reports on undergraduate classes they
have observed (1-2 pp. each), twelve projects (varying from 1-10 pp.) on
developing course materials (e.g. discussion questions, course proposals,
paper topics and evaluating student work, as well as preparing a teaching
dossier).  Required for first-time associate instructors in Comparative
Literature; recommended for Comparative Literature majors and minors.