Comparative Literature | Drama
C511 | 1221 | Pao

2:30-3:45	MW	BH 319
The focus for this semester's study of dramatic literature will be
conceptions and creations of character.  We will be reading a wide range
of plays from Europe, Africa, Asia and America
to examine the ways in which different cultures in different times have
constructed human beings for the stage. These conceptions of character
will be considered in the context of
contemporaneous ideas regarding human "identity," the nature and function
of theatrical performance, and the requirements of different dramatic
genres. A fundamental problem we
will be discussing is the relationship of dramatic texts and performance
to the world of reality. Included in the types of plays we will be reading
are classical Greek tragedy, Japanese
plays, commedia dell'arte, Shakespearean tragedy, 17th-century French
comedy, 19th-century melodrama, European modern drama, American
contemporary drama, postcolonial African drama, and 20th-century
intercultural performance pieces. Among the authors will be Sophocles,
Molihre, Ibsen, Chekhov, Genet, Beckett, Deavere Smith, Soyinka,
Sutherland, Carrihre, LePage.  Graduate students will have additional
critical and theoretical reading assignments.  Written work for graduate
students to be negotiated.