College Of Arts And Sciences | Literary Classics in Popular Culture: Beauty and the Beast
E103 | 0048 | Pao

10:10-11:00 MW TV 251
This course examines twentieth-century popular culture (movie, TV
adaptations, musicals, plays and even comic strip) versions of literary
classics.  We will explore these remakes in terms of the socio-historical
context in which the adaptations are made. We will address the fact that
most remakes are movies--ours is a visual culture and cinema was the
invention of our century--and we will ask ourselves the question "What
aesthetic or thematic changes does the alteration in the medium of
expression trigger?"  Many of the literary "classics" were popular in their
time moreover. So we will ask ourselves  "what constitutes a classic?" and
"what is popular culture?," and we will define the relationship between the
two.  We will be reading classics by Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Jane Austen,
Mary Shelley, and Anton Chekhov and we will view famous remakes such as
Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Batman, Kenneth Branagh's
Frankenstein, Nikita Mihalkov's Dark Eyes, and Clueless. Requirements:
students are required to keep a journal; three four-page papers and a final
essay exam. Participation in class discussion is also a must.