College Of Arts And Sciences | A Question of Love
E103 | 0054 | Mickel

9:05-9:55 MW BH 103
In the topics course, "A Question of Love," we shall explore our
understanding of the various emotions and relationships we cover by the word
love.  As a basis for understanding the different aspects of love in human
relationships as represented in western tradition, we shall read and analyze
an anthology of fundamental passages from several classical and medieval
works, ranging from Plato and the Bible to Ovid and the "Romance of the
Rose."  We shall use our discussion of these texts to analyze the
representations of love in two medieval romances, Chretien's "Erec and
Enide" and Gottfried's "Tristan," one seventeenth and one eighteenth century
French novel, "The Princess of Cleves" and Dangerous Liaisons, an English
novel of George Elliot, "The Mill on the Floss," and a twentieth-century
short story of the American writer, Henry James, "The Lesson of the Master."

There will be three examinations during the semester including the final.
Students will be asked to write four papers: two of two pages and two not
more than three pages.  In these papers students will learn to approach
literary texts in a critical manner.  In this course we shall discuss the
psychology of love; the close relationship between love and philosophy; the
question of love and chivalry in the Middle Ages; the importance of rhetoric
and authorial use of persona.  Analyzing these issues will add to the
student's ability to understand the novels we shall read, to appreciate the
many faceted aspects of the experiences we cover. by the single word love,
and to see the ways in which writers have represented these human emotions.