College Of Arts And Sciences | Class, Gender and Ethnicity in Soviet Literature and Art
E103 | 0077 | Kiziria

11:15-12:30 TR SE 010
Soviet literature and art provide revealing testimony to the variety of
social, political and cultural problems that plague Russia and the other
former Soviet republics today.  This course will examine how class, gender
and ethnic tensions are reflected in the works of Soviet writers and artists
and to what extent ideological demands and constraints contributed to these
tensions.  It will explore how the norms guiding the production and
consumption of strictly censored Soviet culture helped maintain rather than
obliterate class privileges, ethnic differences and gender discrimination.

We will work through a wide variety of Soviet novels, short stories, films,
paintings, and posters from the early 1920's to the beginning of the 1980's.
The selection of the course material will reflect three crucial periods of
the Soviet era: the revolution and the Civil War, WWII and its aftermath,
and, finally, the years leading to the disintegration of the system.