College Of Arts And Sciences | Who am I? Race, Gender, and Identity
E103 | 0112 | Senchuk

2:30-3:20 TR OP 105
Our conceptions of ourselves and how we live with others in our society are
powerfully influenced by notions of race and gender.  These notions and
their influence upon us will be explored from a wide range of disciplinary
perspectives-- especially: biological, psychological, literary, and
philosophical.  The aim of this course is to help students gain insight into
their own lives as members of a racially divided and gender-structured
society.  Students should gain greater awareness and understanding of the
racial and gender issues that confront us in our everyday lives. Students
will be encouraged to think more critically, usefully, and--perhaps most
importantly--responsibly about those issues. A variety of texts and videos
will be critically examined throughout the term.