College Of Arts And Sciences | The Pursuit of Happiness
E103 | 0117 | Walbridge

2:30-3:45 T SW 007
Does happiness come from being a good person?  Is it the goal of life, or is
something else more important?  Is it a life of pleasure?  Does it depend on
good luck and avoiding trouble?   on love, on sex, or on some other kind of
psychological satisfaction?  Does it come from the possession of certain
virtues?  or from knowledge or from religion?

We will address these classical philosophical questions relating to
happiness.  The course will pay particular attention to the questions of
whether happiness is dependent on the development of virtues and whether the
pursuit of happiness and virtue is helped or hindered by human society.

We will read Aristotle's Ethics to define the issues and will explore
particular problems through other works of philosophy and literature.