College Of Arts And Sciences | Media in Cultures; Cultures in Media
E103 | 0129 | Askew

2:30-3:20 MW TV 251
Local communities from Africa to America to Australia and everywhere in
between catch their first glimpses of distant lifestyles through images in
print and on film, unfamiliar music on the radio, MTV, CNN, and the
Internet.  And with technology increasingly accessible, more and more people
throughout the world are involved in presenting cultures through media --
their own and others.  This course takes an anthropological approach to the
study of mass media.  The question posed is:  How do people use mass media
to represent and understand cultures?  Answers to this question will be
sought by way of a range of media forms and a diversity of cultural
settings.  We will explore how media relate to the social contexts in which
they are produced, distributed, and received ("Media in Cultures"), as well
as how media portrayals introduce and sometimes greatly distort distant
cultures ("Cultures in Media").  This course will cause you to question your
assumptions about media through the lectures, readings, films/audio
presentations, exams (mid-term and final), and short writing assignments.