College Of Arts And Sciences | >From Captain Cook to Captain Kirk: Modern Scientific Voyages
E104 | 0161 | Sorrenson

9:05-9:55 MW BH 310
As European and American scientists traveled into the New World in the 18th
and 19th centuries, they saw peoples, landscapes, plants and animals that
surprised and amazed them.  Their journals give us a vivid sense of what it
was like to discover and analyze those new worlds and you will, in one
assignment, write your own journal imagining you are voyaging with one such
expedition (e.g. Lewis and Clark across North America to the Pacific Ocean).
We will visit the Lilly Library to handle rare and valuable original
journals as well as spend several weeks looking at the paintings and maps
that the voyagers produced. Other work will include weekly one-page papers,
a midterm and a final.  The course is taught in a lecture format with weekly
discussions which are based on readings drawn from various journals (Cook,
Bligh, La Pérouse, Bougainville, Lewis & Clark, Humboldt, Darwin).  We will
also pay close attention to writing skills and to how to study history.