College Of Arts And Sciences | America in the Age of Advertising
L216 | 0245 | Schorman

9:30-10:45A, T, WH 009

"You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements," a writer noted
many years ago.  This class will assess the truth of that statement using a
humanities perspective and interdisciplinary approach to gain the widest
possible understanding of the role advertising has played in American life.
The class will examine the history, the social significance, and the
business of advertising.

Why did advertising evolve in the form that is so familiar to us today?
How does advertising affect our lives and culture?
How will advertising change in the future?

Class members will attempt to answer these questions by studying the
development of advertising techniques over the past century, analyzing the
social context and cultural meaning of advertisements past and present,
doing research, and making their own recommendations for possible
advertising campaigns and strategies.  Students will be expected to write
frequent short papers on specific ads, drawing historical comparisons, doing
social analysis, or evaluating the advertisements' appeal and effectiveness.
They will also conduct a larger research project on a contemporary
advertising problem and be tested on essay exams.