College Of Arts And Sciences | Latinos in the U.S.: Past, Present, and Future
X311 | 8789 | Chapa, J.

This course is intended to provide an introduction and overview on
Latino issues.  The course will begin with a brief overview of the
history of the major Latinos national origin groups in the U.S.  The
bulk of the course will examine a number of topics and issues that
are key to understanding contemporary Latinos; e.g., immigration,
language, education, employment,etc. The third and briefest part of
the course will build upon the previous sections by asking how the
history and current status of Latinos might influence their near term
future, under various assumptions.

The goals of this course include the following: 1) helping its student
develop an informed basis for talking and thinking about Latinos; 2)
developing an awareness on how Latinos fit or don't fit into American
society; and, 3) applying this knowledge to assess future

Grades will be based upon midterm and final exams, two short (2-3
page)written assignments and class participation.