East Asian Languages & Cultures | Land and Society in East Asia
E256 | 1566 | Greer

The goal of the course is to pursue understanding of, and appreciation for,
the process of societal development in what we know as the East Asian
culture realm.  The course focuses on the evolution of societies from
earliest times up to the modern era.  Although major attention is not given
to contemporary times, our purpose is to build understanding of
characteristics that make these societies what they are today.  Main themes
of the course may include: (1) how and why an East Asian type of society
emerged with characteristics recognizably different from those of societies
that emerged in the European and other major world centers of civilization,
(2) how and why the East Asian type might have produced its remarkable
intensity, stability, and emphasis on social context as a type of human
ecosystem, (3) the degree to which there is both continuity and variation
among East Asian societies historically, as background to understanding
contemporary situations, and (4) glimpses of what life experience was like.