East Asian Languages & Cultures | Teaching Japanese as a Foreign/Second Language
J525 | 1648 | Watt

This course examines contemporary paradigms of foreign language
instruction, identifies critical issues in language pedagogy, and explores
various techniques of teaching the four language skills (speaking,
listening, reading, and writing).  Special topics include the use of
teaching materials, the teaching of culture, computer-assisted teaching,
teaching "in context," textbook/courseware evaluations, and student
performance assessment.

The class, taught in a seminar-practicum format, is conducted mainly in the
target language.  Class assignments may include classroom evaluations,
lesson planning, teaching demonstrations, critical presentations of
selected readings, small projects, and a term paper.  Active participation
in class is mandatory. This course is designed for graduate and advanced
undergraduate students with an interest in acquiring knowledge, skills, and
experience in teaching Japanese as a foreign language.