Economics | Intermediate Macroecon Theory
E322 | 1730 | Pedroni

Economics ,  Intermediate Macroeconomics
E322 ,  1730 ,  Pedroni

Course: E322, Intermediate Macroeconomics

Professor:  Peter Pedroni

Prerequisites: E321, Intermediate Microeconomics

Description:  The course surveys recent approaches to macroeconomic
theory.  Emphasis is placed on developing the analytic tools and
insights required for an appreciation of the model building process
that seeks to explain aggregate economic observations on the basis of
theory.  Topics covered encompass both long run growth theory as well
as short run theories of business cycle fluctuations and policy
effectiveness issues, including new-Keynesian theories of aggregate
supply and neoclassical real business cycle theories.

Format:  Lecture

Tests and Grades:  One midterm exam, worth 40% of total grade, a
comprehensive final exam, worth 50% of total course grade, and four
homework assignments worth 10% of the total.

Text: Mankiw, G. Macroeconomics, 3rd edition, Worth Publishers.

Credit: 3 hours