Economics | Economic Development
E337 | 1734 | Buffie

Economics ,  Economic Development
E337 ,  1734 ,  Buffie

This course surveys various theories of economic development and the
main policy facing today's less developed countries.  The text for the
course is "Economics of Development" (4th edition), by Gillis,
Perkins, Roemer and Snodgrass.  The articles have been collected in a
bulk pack that may be purchased from Collegiate Copies.  Grades will
be determined by two midterm exams and a final exam.  Each exam
carries a weight of 33%.

1.  Introduction: Characteristics of the Development Process

2.  Development Models
A.  Dualism and the Labor Surplus Economy
B.  The Structuralist Two-Gap Model

3.  Income Distribution

4.  Trade Policy

5.  Stabilization Policy

6.  Financial Policy

7.  Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues