Economics | Econometric Theory & Practice I
E471 | 1740 | Trivedi

Economics ,  Econometric Theory and Practice I
E471 ,  1740 ,  Trivedi

Course Goals: To understand and apply the linear regression
analysis. This is the essential statistical method used in
Economics and many other disciplines to analyze the relationship
between two or more variables, such as consumption and income, or
inflation and money supply growth rates.  Regression analysis is
essential knowledge for students contemplating careers as
professional economists in business or finance, or wishing to go
to graduate and professional schools.

Algebra is extensively used.  Some calculus will be used also, the
exact amount depending upon the class background.  Homeworks will
require use of the computer, but previous computer experience is not

The course emphasises and practices full integration of theory and
application of regression analysis to economic and finance data.

Pre-requisites: E370.

Textbook: D. Gujarati, Essentials of Econometrics, McGraw Hill 2nd ed.

This text and the course notes on sale at  the Union Bookstore are
all you need.

Additional Materials: On sale at  the Union Bookstore :
Lecture Notes for E471.

But for the statistics review a E370 level textbook will be more

Computer Materials: Homeworks will use a Windows-based computer
package A "mini-manual" for this software is included in the
course notes. Additional materials, if and when needed, will be
supplied in class.

A computer lab will be held in the second week of class, and at
regular intervals thereafter.